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Through a series of images over the coming weeks on our wedding Instagram and estate Instagram we will bring the event spaces to life and share the concepts behind the...

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In September, Colour Rush was hosted by St Lukes Hospice on the Dorfold Show Ground. Literally a very bright and colourful day! You run around the course with a white T-shirt... to start with... there are several stations along the way where you encounter COLOUR......

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Welcome to our most recent addition to the team – Abigail.

Our most recent addition to the team is Abigail. From a very young age (17!) Abigail began to work on events, developing a passion which borders on the addiction… Weddings in particular hold the most appeal for her, with their myriad of captivating details, variety...

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We just wanted to…say the BIGGEST thank you in the world

"We just wanted to...say the BIGGEST thank you in the world for making our wedding day the most MAGICAL day we could have ever ever imagined. From the moment we arrived at Dorfold... to look around to the moment we left the day after our wedding you and your team...

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Updated Brochure and estate map

One of our latest projects has been updating our wedding brochure and estate map (the latter is interactive within the brochure)! If you are curious have a peep! "Script Your Perfect Day" (click here) encapsulates the details surrounding a visit to Dorfold with a...

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