Meet The Cheshire Dining Experience

The Cheshire Dining Experience, are an incredibly close-knit team of family and friends. Having worked at the highest levels of the catering and hospitality industry, they’ve combined award-winning talent, knowledge, and experience to bring you The Cheshire Dining Experience at Dorfold Hall: a company built on passion and expertise that goes beyond any event catering you’ve seen before.

They are highly creative, innovative and dedicated to preparing personalised menus that are bespoke to whatever occasion you’re celebrating. They offer bespoke packages for all events and occasions, private dining or corporate services.

Visit our website for sample menus and a “taste” of what they have to offer! Or do get in touch directly on their website.

TCDE is owned and run by the amazing Andi and Tor, along with Neil. Here is a little bit about them and their passion.

The best way to describe Tor? Cool, calm and collected. Silver-service trained, Tor prides herself on excellence.


Outside of the kitchen: She loves to spend time with her and Andi’s children (Rupert & Willow) baking up treats in the kitchen or doing yoga!

Besides Andi, Tori and Neil there is also an entire team of more amazing chefs (including a pastry chef), sous chefs, kitchen porters, event managers and of course serving staff. They all contribute towards creating all the aromas and flavours, as well as the visual delights that will grace your plates for your celebrations!

It is a unique process and a chance to express your personalities through food… enjoy!

Delectable: The Cheshire Dining Experience (our fabulous caterers…also known as TCDE for ease!) are not only passionate and full of expertise, they bring a personal touch, delivering a unique and opulent dining experience tailor-made to your exact requirements, reflecting your personalities through beautiful and above all delicious food… because your wedding day should be a feast for the eyes and the senses!

Lives and breathes anything food and drink related. Michelin kitchen trained. Local and national award-winning cocktail mixologist: Andi’s all about the flavour!


Outside of the kitchen: Andi is passionate about art, music and long dog walks on a Sunday morning with the family, preferably followed by a roast dinner!

Part of the original team, Neil has been with TCDE since its inception. He has worked in a number of Michelin star restaurants in the UK and in Italy.

He brings a wealth of experience and passion to our kitchen.

Outside of the kitchen: Neil is a talented football player and closet rally driver. Recently he became a father to twin boys (following the Dorfold trend?!)

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