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Sensitively blending its unique 400-year heritage with contemporary style and forward-thinking, we seek to enhance Dorfold’s magical quality while honouring its roots.

And with ambitions of sustainability and self-sufficiency, we have big plans for the future.

Historically, country estates relied on agriculture to function. They’ve had to adapt to keep up with the times – just as we have at Dorfold. We believe the future of the Estate depends on reinventing and diversifying income streams, and we’re doing this through projects close to our hearts.

A Greener Estate

From ground and air source heating, to keeping chickens & bees, as well as plans to reinstate one of the walled gardens as a source of seasonal produce we’re working towards a greener more sustainable estate that’s in tune with the seasons and nature.

A Greener Estate

Locally Sourced

We’re passionate about the wonderful area we call home and love to work with local materials and businesses wherever possible. Many of the building materials we use are locally sourced or reclaimed, and our contractors all come from the neighbouring area – our electrician estimates he’s installed well over 5km of wires in the Hall in the last 2 years!


Going forwards, we dream of making the Dorfold Estate a thriving hub in the local community, alongside our weddings, events, and Showground. We are renovating more historic cottages to create more accommodation for guests and most importantly working hard to become more sustainable at all levels!

Dorfold Estate