Meet the team

Passionate, ambitious, with a meticulous eye for detail – we’re a diverse group of individuals brought together by our love for Dorfold and shared desire to deliver an unparalleled level of service.

Each one of us brings something unique to your Dorfold experience, so let’s get to know each other a little better.


Charlie is a constant source of ideas, positivity, and strength that we all draw on. Both born and married at Dorfold, his ancestors have lived here for 400 years. With a dream of restoring the family home as a beacon of hospitality and forward-thinking, Charlie works in London during the week in order to reinvest into Dorfold. There is nothing he loves more than to step off the train and smell the sweet country air as he joins his family.



Cosmopolitan and bilingual, Candice brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the aspirations that both Charlie and she have for Dorfold’s future.

Before dedicating herself completely to the estate, Candice trained as a veterinary surgeon and worked for 15 years mostly for charities. Alongside this degree she also obtained a History of Art – just like Charles – which has been invaluable to define the aestheticism they hope to instil in all the renovation and new building work they have embarked on over the last few years.

Danson & Maximilien

Danson and Maxi bounced into our lives in 2013, bringing a new element of fun to the team. These cheeky twins are the apple of Candice and Charlie’s eyes, keeping everyone on their toes with their extremely inquisitive ways and eagerness to be a part of everything… as long as Lego is somehow involved along the way!

Danson & Maximilien


I’m a chocolate working cocker spaniel with an addiction to cuddles, squirrels and any moving object. The team hope to train me as a ring bearer but i’m not sure what my thoughts are on that…


Head of Events and Business Development

Zoë brings a plethora of experience and an ever evolving perspective to Dorfold in her role as Head of Events & Business Development and is never afraid to get stuck in and is always focused on creating and delivering exceptional events and an unforgettable experience for everyone attending.

Zoë started her career working in Consumer PR in London, but soon realised that her heart lay in events!  Later, amidst a move to the North West, having two children and setting up her own business; her involvement with charity work began to take the forefront of her career. When the opportunity arose to  work for a Children’s Hospice came along she took it!  One of the first events she organised for them was at Dorfold!… at which point Zoë knew instantly that one day she would love to work here.  In 2021 that dream came true!



Wedding and Events Co-Ordinator 

Ceska joined the Dorfold ‘fold’ in February 2022 and has been an invaluable addition to the team. Hitting the ground running, Ceska is an enthusiastic and dedicated personality, here to help you with your wedding plans and ensure your day runs seamlessly at Dorfold Hall.
Having worked in the events industry previously as a wedding stylist, Ceska is well adapted to the logistical mind needed for our weddings at Dorfold Hall.
In Ceska’s own words, she would describe herself as fun-loving, intuitive, hard-working and her favourite food is a good old loaded burger….. she knows where the good stuff is!


Wedding and Events Manager 

From a very young age (17!) Abigail began to work on events developing a passion which borders on addiction… Weddings in particular hold the most appeal to her with their myriad of captivation details, variety of themes and atmospheric details. She also prides herself as a natural problem solver and “poka yoke” (mistake proofer)… a vital skill for anyone working in events.
In her personal life Abigail is an animal and food lover (“one can never have enough of either!” she tells us), she is an accomplished equestrian and competes nationally, as well as always seeking the next adventure with her golden retriever Noodle.

Dorfold Hall | Wedding and Event Venue Nantwich | Abigail


House Manager

Katy’s role constantly evolves. From being Nanny to Danson and Maxi, to personal assistant, house manager and many roles in between….to adapt is astounding, and her patience and kindness are nothing short of extraordinary.

 Kyle & Helen


Kyle – Constantly on the move, his hard work has literally re-shaped the landscape around the Hall! Loyal and kind he is literally part of the foundations of Dorfold as it moves and grows from one project to the next.

Helen – Finally followed her heart and retrained as a gardener in 2021, after a career as a translator and tech company worker which saw her spend 14 years in France and two in Ireland. She is delighted to have joined the Dorfold team and to call the beautiful gardens her new ‘office’.



We refer to the housekeeping team as the Dorfold Fairies, as they are tasked with the immense responsibility of looking after all of the interiors of the Hall and Cottages, which they do so with dedication and a lot of hard work to ensure an impeccable experience for all of our guests.


Front of House

After working as a First Class air stewardess for 25 years, Helen finally settled in the lovely town of Nantwich.  Helen has been working at Dorfold Hall since 2020 as Front of House, taking pride and pleasure in helping create a magical and stress free experience for our wedding couples and their guests!  When the Hall and Gardens are open to the public, Helen also enjoys serving “Tea in the Tack” and getting to meet the lovely people who have come to soak up the history of the hall!

Dorfold Hall | Wedding and Event Venue Nantwich | Kim



Valiant Volunteer – Lana recounts all the tales of Dorfold, whilst showing members of the public around the Hall. Her knowledge of the history of the house is incredible and her endless joviality makes the experience all the more special.