Meet the team

Passionate, ambitious, with a meticulous eye for detail – we’re a diverse group of individuals brought together by our love for Dorfold and shared desire to deliver an unparalleled level of service.

Each one of us brings something unique to your Dorfold experience, so let’s get to know each other a little better.


Charlie is a constant source of ideas, positivity, and strength that we all draw on. Both born and married at Dorfold, his ancestors have lived here for 400 years. With a dream of restoring the family home as a beacon of hospitality and forward-thinking, Charlie works in London during the week in order to reinvest into Dorfold. There is nothing he loves more than to step off the train and smell the sweet country air as he joins his family.


Cosmopolitan and bilingual, Candice brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the aspirations that both Charlie and she have for Dorfold’s future.

Before dedicating herself completely to the estate, Candice trained as a veterinary surgeon and worked for 15 years mostly for charities. Alongside this degree she also obtained a History of Art – just like Charles – which has been invaluable to define the aestheticism they hope to instil in all the renovation and new building work they have embarked on over the last few years.

Danson & Maximilien

Danson and Maxi bounced into our lives in 2013, bringing a new element of fun to the team. These cheeky twins are the apple of Candice and Charlie’s eyes, keeping everyone on their toes with their extremely inquisitive ways and eagerness to be a part of everything… as long as Lego is somehow involved along the way!


Supremely dedicated and hard-working, Amanda is the glue that holds us together – she really is one of the family. And as Senior Housekeeper, she has a fascinating and multifaceted role. From ensuring the interiors are pristine to sharing the history of the hall with visiting members of the public, all the while managing a constant stream of contractors – Amanda is in control of it all!


Always smiling, no one is more committed to harnessing your vision and delivering an unforgettable experience than Ceri. As Senior Wedding and Events Manager, and Candice’s unofficial wingwoman, her systematic and logical approach is key to the smooth running of every celebration. Passionate about all aspects of Dorfold’s development, it’s not unusual to find her working late with Candice, sitting by the fire with a blanket to keep them warm.


Working alongside Ceri, Jen is our Wedding and Events Manager. Armed with a plethora of experience, she can handle any situation we throw at her. Naturally bubbly, her fun-loving and intuitive nature really makes her shine. Jen’s motto in life is, “There is never a problem, only a solution”.


Loyal and patient, our Groundsman, Ian, is also kind beyond words. He’s known and worked with the Roundell family for decades. Always up for a challenge and the first on scene to help, he is key to the efficient running of everything that goes on behind the scenes, while you enjoy the best that Dorfold has to offer.

Kyle & Krista

The garden is one of Dorfold’s proudest treasures and we have our brilliant Gardeners to thank for this. Kyle is its proud guardian, and his dedication and passion is matched only by his boundless energy and hard work. Meanwhile, Krista is always brimming full of ideas – our very own, delightfully eccentric, horticultural prodigy.

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